Here Is Where Style, Nail Care, & Art Collide

Selina Payne’s passion for art, nail care and style is evident in every client she services. Each set of nails she touches receives exceptional care, outstanding designs and great style techniques.  Click here to learn more about Selina Payne.


selinasp Whatever your style say it with your nails! Who are you?  Choose your Style.

Nail Care


Get a one-on-one consultation from Selina Payne. Consultations last for approximately 30 mins. During the service she will discuss and give you a thorough assessment of how to make sure your nails are strong and durable, give you tips on how to maintain healthy nails and treat your nails if needed. Nail care is extremely important to Selina and she takes pride in catering to your nail care needs.



Artistic nails are a staple of Selina Payne. Watch her make your nails a work of art. From a simple cute design to a more complex edgy design Selina will make your nails stand out. You’re sure to be the topic of conversation. Nail Art is her passion you’ll be amazed at the quality of her work!

BaltimoreSkyline Are you a nail artist in Baltimore, MD looking to grow your career, network and enjoy other technicians like yourself? The Bmore Nail Artist Movement is looking for you. Join Now The Bmore Nail Artist Movement is designed to increase awareness to nail technicians in Baltimore, MD. Developed by Selina Payne the Bmore Nail Artist Movement provides symposiums, information on nail classes, networking opportunities and a camaraderie of nail technicians dedicated to helping each other grow in the industry. Each week Selina Payne will select a nail artist to be featured on her blog and social media sites.

She’ll take your next Bridal Party, Pamper Party, Special Event or Girls Night to the next level creating an atmosphere conducive to fun and relaxation.

What The Clients Say

  • Selina is a wonderful nail tech and artist!! She specializes in nail care but also has a wonderful gift in beautiful nail art! Regardless of your nail length, Selina can make your nails look superb, from basic to bling, your nails will always look and feel wonderful!

    -Kim Merritt

  • A year and a half ago I won an auction that resulted in my enlightenment to true nail care. I have never gone back and I don't regret experiencing Selena’s expertise in nail and foot care as well as her beauty tips. If u want full treatment call and schedule your appt. today.

    -Jackie B

  • My nail technician provides excellent service. She utilizes the best products to ensure nail maintenance and growth, with trend setting style and flare. Going to Selina is not just about getting a mani/pedi but it is a nail experience!!


  • Every woman wants an awesome nail tech & that's exactly what I have. I am truly addicted to the nail & skin care provided by Selina. Her ideas & talent is amazing. So stop cheating yourself & TREAT yourself!!!

    -Artia C

  • I love your excellent and professional service. You create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your clients & not only do you make my nails look fierce but you focus on the overall care of my nails also.

    -Jenn R.

  • You are a great nail tech, very professional and the work that u do is amazing!